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The Complete Set

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With the Complete Set you’ll get everything we’ve got to style your hair! This includes a jar of the hair cleanser, hair cream, flax seed gel, cleanser brush, microfiber towel, and diffuser (not pictured).

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I was really excited to try these products but have been underwhelmed by them. I’ve seen the YouTube videos and have read the recommendations on how to use these products but they are not for every curl pattern. They are weighing down my curls entirely and I was even asked if I straightened my hair the other day (I did not) I’m going to inquire about a return because these products are not working for me, but from the policy on Instagram it seems that will be difficult.

Hi Leslie,

I'm so sorry to hear the products didn't work for you! I completely understand they don't work for every hair type. You are more than welcome to return the products. Returning is super simple - you just complete your return request online through the portal and send back the set. Once I receive everything you will be issued a refund. The full refund policy and link to the portal can be found here:

Before you return though, a suggestion may be to dilute the products if they are too heavy in their current state. You can do this by adding more water when applying the products to your hair. An added bonus is that they'll even last you longer. ;) Please feel free to email me at if you need more assistance!

Regardless, I appreciate you taking the time to try my products and hope you find what works for your hair!


I’m impressed

This is amazing stuff for fine curly hair. Good amount of bounce, hold, and definition. Going to repurchasing I’m larger sizes.

Loved it!

My curls looked amazing after just one use. Definitely buying again.

5 stars!

Totally changed the texture of my hair from frizzy to smooth curls. Very happy after only 2 washes, no more straightening for me.

Awesome products!

All of the products work perfectly,i just have to remember to go light with the cream. (I have fine hair). Definitely will repurchase, I will have to get another towel for at our cabin.