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Microfiber Hair and Bath Towel

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The My Soigné Microfiber Hair and Bath Towel helps retain moisture, making it perfect for plopping or scrunching your hair, and drying your body. 

It’s for you if: Your hair takes a long time to dry, you hate cotton fuzz on your body after drying off, or if you love super soft towels.

How to use: Use the Microfiber Hair and Bath Towel to dry your body and/or to scrunch hair up to scalp or plop.

Dimensions: 31" x 53"



Customer Reviews

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Great Accessory!

Love the microfiber for body or hair! Keeps my kurls hydrated enough that I’m not frizzing!

Ashley Sullivan
Great Towel, a little big for plopping

The quality and price on this towel is very good! I was excited to get a larger towel bc my hair is too long, almost to my butt, for some of the other (Dev@curl) towels. I have used it several times and can't quite use it to plop because it is too big. That's the only issue I have, but other than that small thing, it is FANTASTIC and I love it!

Lori Bledsoe
Amazing Hair Towel

I love love love this hair towel. I love how big it is and not just a turban type to wrap my hair in. I love it so much I bought one for my niece and son-in-law so they could reap the benefits of how gentle it is on your hair. I have 2 towels all the time and that way if someone likes it, I get it to them and buy me another. Definitely worth buying!

Just What We Needed!

I've made curly hair care a part of mother-daughter bonding time in our house. I got a towel for each of us and it's so cute to see her enveloped in the beautiful, soft towel while we condition and detangle her hair. She loves how it feels on her skin and I love how it helps keep her frizzies at bay. I absolutely love this purchase!

Carla Ventura
Great products!

I’m very happy with your line. I love the co-wash, the hair cream and the gel! I will purchase more in the new year