Flaxseed Gel - My Soigne
Flaxseed Gel - My Soigne
Flaxseed Gel - My Soigne
Flaxseed Gel - My Soigne
Flaxseed Gel - My Soigne

Flaxseed Gel

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This isn’t your average flaxseed gel! Our flaxseed gel:

◦ has a squeaky clean curly hair product rating of 1 on Think Dirty.

◦ does not need to be refrigerated unlike DIY flaxseed gel, and can last up to 1 year on your bathroom shelf once opened.

◦ provides many curly hair benefits by containing omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, copper, and vitamin E, which are all vital for hair growth and elasticity.

◦ provides a medium/flexible hold and light cast.


It’s for you if… your hair requires moisture and a little bit of extra hold.

List of ingredients: water, linum usicatissimum (flaxseed) seed extract, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, polyquater­nium-10, panthenol, sclerotium gum, lavandula anguscifolia mill (lavender) flower oil, tocopherols (vitamin E), phenoxyerhanol, sodium benzoace, potassium sorbate 

How To apply: Apply the My Soigne flaxseed gel to wet or damp hair to style. For best results, use after applying My Soigne hair cream. 

Shelf Life: The My Soigne flaxseed gel is good for 1 year from opening on your bathroom shelf!

Our flaxseed gel is vegan, gluten Free, and safe for color treated hair.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 222 reviews
Not for me. Straightest hair in 6 years.

To give some context, I have fine, thin, Botticelli curls with normal porosity for new growth and high porosity where my older hair is (about 2/3 of my length is normal porosity). I’ve been on the hunt for a back up gel during the winter months, more specifically something that doesn’t have glycerin. I tried this gel using 8 different methods and every time I had the straightest hair I have had in my 6 years of wearing my hair curly. It’s like my curls are gone. I think it also seriously disrupted the moisture balance in my hair. When they say that your hair needs moisture, they must mean a ton of moisture. I’m in a dry climate, which is why I work so hard to keep glycerin out of the outer layer products I use. So, my hair doesn’t really draw moisture from the air because there isn’t any. But, wow my hair is soft and will not take to my previous gels or products I previously used that gave me bouncy spirals for a week. It’s going to take time to get the protein back in my hair because I don’t use harsh proteins (cuz that leads to breakage). I don’t normally leave reviews but this gel is such a poor match for my hair type/ climate combo that I thought I should let people know. I found it in an article that rated it as being great for wavy hair, which those products usually work for me because my hair needs weightless/ light products being fine and thin. I might trying using it as a leave-in paired with a hard hold gel. Anyway, people with my hair type beware.

Simple but great

I am on my second tub of the flaxseed gel. I have lots of hair, curly, medium texture and medium length. I knew that flaxseed was a good product but having used it now convinces me it is. Because this product is more natural than other gels I find it worked great when paired with the curl cream as well as with other brands of cream I currently use. I will say be sure to learn what amount to use and I always wet my hands to apply- once I had the gel film of flakes but when I used less and applied water to my hands previously, the flakes stopped appearing. I don’t think I’d use in dry hair.

My curls love this flaxseed gel

The results I get with this flaxseed gel is WOW!! The texture light with great flip and I love the smell. I know when I use My Soigne products my curls will be rockin!!

Flaxseed Gel is the best!

I have finally found the perfect gel for my 3B curly hair. Great hold without a crunchy cast!

Must Have!

Absolutely adore this gel. Alone, or paired with the protein leave-in, this gel guarantees me a a good hair day.