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The My Soigne cleansing duo is a combination of the hair cleanser and cleanser brush.


Bring the spa to your bathroom with the cleansing duo! Let the My Soigne hair cleanser gently clean and exfoliate your scalp while the cleanser brush gently massages your scalp for extra stimulation!

The My Soigne hair cleanser is good for 1 year once opened, vegan, gluten free, and safe for color treated hair.



Customer Reviews

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Angela Dale P
Great set!

I have loved the cleanser for some time now. Why did I wait so long to get the scalp scrubber?! I love it!

Kristen Hess
Unclear on use

My problem is I really don’t know how to use it! Is it instead of shampoo? Is it a no poo product? Is it a clarifying shampoo? I just don’t know.

Hey Kristen!

Think of it like a co-wash with a little something extra! The apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil help clean but because the pH of the product isn't high enough to really open up your hair cuticle all the way, it won't deep clean like a clarifying shampoo will.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at!


Game changer

I love the cleanser with the cleansing brush! Stimulates the scalp and cleans beautifully!

sel aiko
i love it 😍

i was a little skeptical at first just because of the size of the bottle, but my hair absolutely loves the hair cream and flexseed gel and ive been looking for a cleanser and i think ive found it. my scalp feels so clean and good, im in love

Julie Bowman
Game changer

I’m in love with this hair care system. I have thin dry curly hair and it has literally brought my hair back to life. It’s shiny but not greasy. I love it! Thank you so much!!