Cleanser Brush - My Soigne
Cleanser Brush - My Soigne

Cleanser Brush

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Created to perfectly fit in the tub of hair cleanser, this cleanser brush helps massage the My Soigne hair cleanser onto your scalp.

Using the cleanser brush to apply the cleanser not only helps to further stimulate your scalp for hair growth and help get rid of build up, but also feels like a day at the spa!

Customer Reviews

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Scalp Massage Never Felt So GREAT

Who know I was missing a cleanser brush from my self-care routine? I absolutely love the cleanser brush as I believe it helps exfoliate my scalp. I have noticed my hair looks fuller since I have been using it as well, which is nice, as I have fine hair, so any lift I can get is much appreciated.

Jamie Dory
Love the cleanser brush!

I bought this specifically with my daughter in mind. She’s still getting used to washing her own hair, and this has made such huge difference for her! Now she does a great job washing and rinsing all the product out of her hair, because I have her use the brush for both! Game changer!

Dana F.
Cleanser brush

Love the cleanser brush! I use it with my shampoo as a scalp massager and to make sure the shampoo has been well applied to my hair.

Stephanie Jalloh

I love the cleanser Brush. It has helped tremendously. This may not be a big deal to others but for me other brushes I had they were put together by two separate pieces and could not be taken apart. Water would get stuck under it and it was quit gross. I like that the my soigne brush is all one piece and very easy to clean.

Michelle Halbert
A comfortable scalp massage

I love using this when I wash my hair. It’s firm enough to make my scalp feel extra clean and massaged but soft enough to be comfortable.