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It's time for a COMPLETE My Soigne wash day! In this 4 step bundle, you'll receive the hair cleanser, hair cream, protein leave-in, and flaxseed gel.

Customer Reviews

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WOW. The hair cream is luxurious--lightweight & slides through my hair and leaves it so soft.
The flaxseed gel is lightweight and defines my curls.
I have issues with my scalp--it gets greasy and I feel like I want to wash it more--the cleanser along with the silicone brush does wonders. It has apple cider vinegar and tea tree in it, which is excellent--and I can now go many days without washing.
I am very happy I came across these products!

Love love love

This bundle is everything. The hair cleanser is the only thing I will use to clean my hair these days because of how incredible it makes my scalp feel. I've struggled with scalp issues my whole life and this cleanser makes me not itchy for once!

The gel is incredible, one of the best I've ever used.

The hair cream and leave in are also amazing. I love to use them as rinse out conditioners and will alternate them from time to time.

Bonus, the hair cream also works really well as a shave cream!

Great products!

I always had trouble finding the right products for my curly hair.. in fact I always thought I had to straighten or “tame” them. This system is really simple. Just follow the instructions on the products. When I finished suffusing my hair I thought “ok this is much better!” Just try it! You won’t regret it. Plus I like I that the ingredients are simple and good for my hair.

Awesome for curls

I rotate the cleanser with another shampoo/conditioner I like but I use the flaxseed gel and hair crème every time I style. Love them all. My curls are "set" and defined but not crunchy. I have curly but fine hair and I find these products to be a perfect balance between keeping my naturally dry hair soft and conditioned, but not so soft that it's flat and lifeless. Great stuff!


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