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  • 7 Tips for Keeping Your Curls Fresh and Frizz Free This Summer

    It's time for beaches and pools and long days and short nights. As fun as the summer can be, it can wreak havoc on our curly hair. After all, the summer is also filled with humid days, lots of sweating, chlorine, and salt water. Not to worry though. We have some ways you can keep those curls in check. Check out our blog to find 7 tips for keeping your curls looking fresh and frizz free this summer.
  • The Story Behind the Protein Leave-In

    Over the years, every time I tried a protein rich product, my hair became dry, brittle, straw-like. My ends would get so crisp it was like overcooked bacon on a Sunday morning. Luckily, my hair has always been considered pretty curly.
  • 5 Reasons Why You Can't Shake the Frizz

    We all have those moments.

    Your hair is extra frizzy and you can’t figure out what is going on. You’re using the products you always use, doing the things you always do. But still, it WILL NOT go away.

    Don’t stress too much because there is ALWAYS a solution. It just takes some troubleshooting! 

    Below are 5 reasons your curls may be extra frizzy, and what you can try to solve the problem.
  • 3 Questions to Ask Before a Curly Cut

    Getting a curly cut can be scary...especially when you’ve never had a curly cut before or are going to a new stylist.

    But wait, what even is a curly cut?

    A curly cut is a dry cut. Why are curls best cut when dry? Because curly hair is in its truest form when dry!

    If you think about your curls when wet, they are long and stretched out. If cut wet, the stylist has to try to imagine how they'll shrink up and curl up when dry. Kind of a shot in the dark, ya know? 

    Cutting curly hair while dry guarantees your curls are shaped precisely, since your curls are in their truest state. In most cases, curly cuts are layered so the curls cascade down in a rounded shape. Goodbye triangle hair!
  • Ingredient Highlight Series: Flaxseed Gel

    When discussing hair styling products, I always stress a critical piece of information with my readers; the first five ingredients of any formulation makes up approximately 80% of the product. The first five ingredients make up the bulk of the product, so when you think about it, it’s what you are mainly purchasing. That is why, with my written reviews, I take the time breakdown the first five ingredients of each product so you can understand what kind of benefits to expect from that ingredient and formulation.
  • What is my hair porosity?

    There’s an important part of this whole, curly girl thing, that often gets overlooked. Why? Because it can get...kind of complicated. 

    This thing I’m talking about is porosity. What is porosity? It’s how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture.

    When I think of porosity I like to think of the word porous, like a sponge, or...cake, yes, let’s use cake. I could really go for some cake now actually...
  • DIY My Soigne Refresh Spray

    Some days we shower and style our hair, some days we just don't have time. I get it. Between running My Soigne, taking care of baby girl, and often find myself days between washes with hair that is looking a little, well, underloved.
  • 3 Ways to Style Your Hair in 5 Minutes

    Some days wearing your hair down just isn’t an option, and washing it can seem like an impossible task. I get it. Keeping up with your hair isn’t always easy, and sometimes we just don’t have hours to devote to washing, styling, and drying!
  • 5 Ways to Show Your Curls TLC This Winter

    If you live in an area like me, you’re currently prepping for the cold winter months ahead. Maybe you’ve started drinking hot coffee instead of iced, are wearing boots instead of sandals, and have added scarves back into your accessory wheelhouse.


  • 6 Ways to Have Healthy Curls

    As curly ladies and gents our hair is often dry. If you’re anything like how I was for most of my life, I just kind of shrugged it off. We are told that because our hair is curly, we are doomed to a life of dry, damaged, and frizzy hair.

    But that’s not true.

    We can have healthy hair, and it can be beautiful. BUT, we need to take care of it properly.

    Here are 6 ways you can have healthy curls.
  • 5 tips for creating volume

    Everyone wants a little volume in their hair. I mean, big hair has lots of perks: it keeps your ears warm, muffles unwanted noise, you can hide thi...
  • Protein vs moisture

    Being a curly girl gets well, confusing, especially in the beginning. All of a sudden there’s all this new jargon you have to learn: porosity, co-wash, no-poo, prayer get the idea.

    But there is one thing that is pretty easy to tackle for beginners, with lingo you can understand right away: protein versus moisture.