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My Soigne: (v) to possess curly hair that is both elegant and sophisticated in its natural state.

We love your curls, and want you to love them also. At My Soigne we only use high-quality ingredients made to moisturize the driest of hair. You won't find any sulfates, silicones, drying alcohols, synthetic fragrance oils, or parabens here!

All products are vegan and tested only on consenting friends and family!

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What People are Saying

Bought the 2 oz samples of the gel (and cream) and I’m IN LOVE! Super soft curls with definition and minimal frizz These will now be a staple in my routine. Thank you, lady! You rock!


This flax seed gel is literally the best product I have purchased on my new CG journey. ( and I’ve purchased MANY)
My hair is shiny, soft and simply amazing every single time I use it.
(The customer service is top notch as well)
Seriously, a MUST try!


I used the hair cream as a conditioner on my hair and my boyfriends hair & the results were crazy. I have low porosity hair and my wet curls looked so hydrated and I had big clumps. It had a great slip without weighing hair down. My boyfriend’s hair was so soft and shiny! I loved it! thank you for making such a great product! Flax seed gel is also my go to gel atm!! :)


I LOVE this cleanser! I follow the curly girl method in which I use only conditioner to cleanse. I used this to help with product buildup and boy did it work! My scalp was completely clear and my hair was so soft, moisturized, and voluminous! I can’t wait to use it again!

Tina Brown

My hair ALWAYS feels extremely hydrated and moisturized after using them. I get major definition. And I've had the best results with ALL my clients with any and every texture. My Soigne is my favorite!


I am obsessed with the cream and gel; I now have to get the cleanser and any other products you have!! I can't say thank you enough. I love how natural your products are and how wonderfully my hair is responding!


I washed my hair with My Soigne hair cleanser last night and it was super easy to work in to my hair and rinse out. My hair feels light and bouncy!


I love the new texture of the cream and flax seed gel! The cream has a lot of slip as well as the gel too. It defined her [my mom's] curls very well!


I just wanted to say that your gel & hair cream is amazing. I'm definitely addicted to your products!


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